Lyonnesse House

Our beautiful, Grade II listed Georgian home has been sympathetically converted into 5 stunning holiday apartments.


June 17, 2013

Beautiful Bonnet, light, bright, super spacious and very comfortable with fabulous views.

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Everybody set to work…

Even the smallest family members are helping to get the house ready!

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Nearly there Nornour!

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Slippen View…

A beautiful early morning in May

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The top floor hideaway is almost ready for her first guests.

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Back to bare stone…

While the first and second floors are starting resemble the beautiful living spaces they will become, the ground floor is being systematically (and carefully) torn apart!

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The 1st floor shows her potential…

Bonnet living/dining  room is going to be cracking! Such a stunning large and bright space. The new hand crafted built in window seats are a work of art alone.

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The top floor takes shape…

The living/dining room in Slippen at the very top of the house is starting to take shape, it is beautiful up here, so much more headroom than any of our previous top floor guests would imagine possible!

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The kitchens arrive…

The kitchens arrived en masse but there were very few builders around that day- still they managed to get it all inside somehow!

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A step in the right direction – Things are taking shape!

January 29, 2013

The scaffolding is going up, the roof is coming down, the new staircase is going in the top window, and Melanie continues to fatten up the builders!

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